When the loss of one life -which is not considered to be "cheap" , can lead to rapid new technology to save other lifes!

TL5 technology on a helmet. Photo Credit: Channel 2

The Indicator That Could Prevent Deaths from Friendly Fire

Following the death of an Israeli Defense Force soldier just a month ago, the military body has decided to invest in technology that will hopefully prevent future deaths from friendly fire. The breakthrough technology is based on infrared and night-vision systems, which allows forces to identify and view their comrades at a full 360 degrees.

Feb 18, 2014, 03:00AM | Dvir Gordon

The Israeli Defense Forces will begin to use tactical indication systems with the goal of preventing deaths and injuries by friendly fire, following the most recent death of IDF commander Tal Nachman less than a month ago during operative practice near the Gaza Strip. 

The tactical indication system called ‘TL5’ is a new and breakthrough tool for preventing accidents and mistakes as a result of friendly fire in the field. The technology was developed by the company ‘TAR Ideal Concepts’, a military equipment development company following the numerous occurrences of death by friendly fire in the Second Lebanon War and during Operation Cast Lead. The technology is in high demand by other militaries in the world as well. The new indicator is especially light, weighing only about 100 grams including the batter, and is designed for use in the field as well as being waterproof. 

The TL5 uses infrared technology and methods of night-vision, which are placed on the helmet, weapon and uniform of the soldier to give him a full view of his surroundings. The infrared technology allows for soldiers to clearly identify who is on their side while they are out on an operative with 360 degree vision of their surroundings. 

In addition, the TL5 technology cannot be identified by elements who do not have the technology on their person, and can identify soldiers within a distance of four thousand meters on land and in the air. The technology was developed in the special partnership between IDF commanders and engineers from TAR Ideal Concepts to withstand the difficult standards of modern warfare. According to sources in the IDF, field practice with the technology has already begun and tens of thousands of the tactical indication systems are set to be purchased in the coming months.

TL5 technology on a helmet.

Israel News | The Indicator That Could Prevent Deaths from Friendly Fire - JerusalemOnline

Israel News | The Indicator That Could Prevent Deaths from Friendly Fire - JerusalemOnline