9 th of the Hebrew month Av.....what is this and what will it be in the feature?

Tisha B'Av - The Saddest Day in Israel Here... Click HERE if images do not display.
United with Israel August 4, 2014
8 Av 5774
Unity is Our Hope on Tisha B’Av – The Day of Mourning for the Temple

Jews in Israel and around the world observe Tisha B’Av, a day of fasting and intense mourning for the destruction of both Holy Temples and the Jewish exile.

Birkat Kohanim
Two Terror Attacks in Jerusalem on Same Day

Two terror attacks occurred in Jerusalem on Monday on the eve of Tisha B'av, the ninth day of the Hebrew month of Av, a day of national mourning.

kotel Tisha B’av: Its Meaning and Observance
Tisha B’av, the ninth day of the Hebrew month of Av, begins Monday evening. On this day we mourn the First and Second Temples in Jerusalem that were destroyed on this day.
Temple_Model Still Crying After 2000 years?
For over 2000 years the Jewish people have been mourning the destruction of the Holy Temple. At every festive occasion its loss is remembered. No wedding takes places without the symbolic broken glass.
Jerusalem terror attack Six Injured, One Dead in Jerusalem Terror Attack
Six people were injured and one died in what police consider to have been a terror attack in Jerusalem on Monday.
gaza Hamas Violates Ceasefire Again, Israel Refuses Negotiations with Terrorists
Hamas again violated a humanitarian ceasefire on Monday within less than two hours. Israel has little interest in negotiating with the terrorist organization.
neve tsuf Terror Attack against Children Prevented by Family Members at Home
PA Chair Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah party took responsibility for an attack against children in a home north of Jerusalem, falsely claiming to have killed three people.
Temple [WATCH VIDEO] Preparing for the Third Temple Right Now!
The vessels for the Third Temple Vessels are being constructed right now. Don't miss this video!


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