17-7-2011 How to lose weight while "sleeping” [not “precisely”...], how to stop smoking and more

You want to loose weight and want to do this while sleeping...............well, that maybe a bit difficult.

But let me give you just one single tip:

Buy almonds in a closed bag [already peeled but with the brown skin/film still on them [we have excellent quality almonds in Israel, you will not find them in Europe I think]

Eat during the day some 20 almonds [more or less] but the most important is to chew each almond like chewing gum till it becomes fluid in your mouth and only then swallow the fluid almond [“daisa”].

You may do this during the whole day.

If you want some variation then interchange the almond chewing with some dry oats [oatmeal][Quaker as it is known by Israeli].....also chew till the dry Quaker become fluid and only then swallow.

If you suffer from “stomach acid”[pyrosis] then this will also help tremendously and I have heard from many women in pregnancy how much this helped them.

And if you are still smoking [more then a 3 cigarettes per day] then this for sure will get you off the habit.

Start today!



















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