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Nettles (Urtica dioica) = stinging nettles = sirpad סרפד

Nettles (Urtica dioica) =stinging nettles = sirpad

 Anybody who touched the hairs ]of the herb knows that this can cause skin burning which can last for hours [release formic acid]
Used parts medically: leaves, seeds and the root. 
The root is especially used for benign prostate hypertrophy [BPH], usually mixed with saw palmetto / pygeum bark and found in different combinations.
It has also been shown [in vitro][in the laboratory] to inhibit cytomegalovirus [CMV] and HIV !
 Leaf: rich in minerals and a tea made from it may have some analgesic, and antiulcer effects.
Steamed nettles is good edible and taste like spinach. Use gloves when collecting [fresh] nettles! The water [in the pot] from the steamed nettle can be used as tea!
 Traditionally nettle has been used to treat iron deficiency-anemia  as it has a high iron content and also to stimulate head hair growth . It also has been used for people with a very sensitive skin [like a "parchment skin"] and which easily tears open and bleeds.
If you were diagnosed with osteo-arthritis [thumb,hip,back] you may try to use a tincture of urtica 3times per day a teaspoon.
Worried about osteoporosis? Use daily some nettle tea.
Freeze-dried tablets/capsules [have not found them in Israel] may reduce various allergic symptomes [hayfever] 
People with chronic renal[kidney] failure should be careful with nettles as the blood potassium may become dangerous high.
The seed has been used for glomerulonephritis and chronic nephritis [kidney diseases] and this maybe very promising but do this only under medical supervision!  
Dosage: leave 2 tsp of dried herb in a glass of boiling water for 20 minutes.
Some 3  cups daily. 
Tincture[of leaves] some 3 teaspoons per day
Pregnancy-breastfeeding: safe