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Resent from jan 2003


Subject: Kinder Torah by Simcha Groffman - Parshas Mishpatim 

Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2003

What You Eat 

Quarreling is a terrible thing. If matters are not settled peacefully, they can lead to violence. If one man injures another, he must pay for many things, including medical bills. The Avi Ezer zt"l uses this subject as a springboard for a fascinating insight. He differentiates between external injuries and internal illnessesOne of the causes of internal diseases is overeating. A verse in Mishle (21:23) also speaks about this, "One who guards his mouth and tongue, guards his soul from troubles." The Eben Ezra zt"l explains that guarding the mouth refers to food, and the tongue refers to speech. 

The Pele Yoatz relates that we must eat for the sake of our souls. Excess eating only strengthens the Yetzer Hora. It also is a waste of food, time, and a health hazard. To eat properly, one must eat only when hungry. Do not eat until full, rather slightly less. Your selection of foods should not be based solely upon taste, rather choose foods that will strengthen your body. The Raavad zt"l relates that one who stops eating while the food still tastes good receives a kapora (atonement) for his sins. 

Kinderlach . . . 

Good eating habits are so important. They are the basis of good health. It is much more difficult to serve Hashem if you are sick. Eating itself is a way to serve Hashem. Now is the time to develop good eating habits. Eat what is good for you, and eat the right amounts. Eat for the good of your body and soul.