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  • harold jitschak bueno de mesquita
    Today at 11:52 AM
    JUST ONE SUPER SPICE......MARJORAM........Alzheimer
    It may be not right to pick out just once spice, but Marjoram [for unknown reasons less known in Israel, maybe because his "brother/sister" oregano is more used.[think about all the pizza's] is a SUPER-STAR
    In the furthest ends of the world, everyone has heard about anti-oxidants.
    All vegetables, fruits etc are rich in protecting anti-oxidants which save us from "rusting" too early.
    In an Italian experiment, it was found that just one teaspoon of Marjoram sprinkled on a salad doubled the anti-oxidant effect of the salad.
    This is an amazing effect!
    Marjoram can be combined with various other spices like Basilicum, Rosmarin, Sage, Parsley, Kusbara [coriander ], Thyme etc
    Marjoram may protect to a high degree against Alzheimer and against many more diseases.[ for example cancers, heart diseases, stroke, lead intoxication]
    If you don't find easily organic Marjoram in Israel then you may consider ordering online
    [keep it well closed, not in the fridge]
    Frontier Natural Products, Organic Whole Italian Seasoning, 16 oz (453 g) a mixture from some of the above-mentioned spices with Marjoram Organic oregano, organic marjoram, organic thyme, organic rosemary, organic basil, organic sage.
    or Marjoram alone:
    Frontier Natural Products, Organic Marjoram Leaf Flakes, 0.40 oz (11 g)