Never underestimate an old potatoe!

Never underestimate an old potatoe!

If you remember well I wrote you in the past that there are 2 superior  treatments [even for severe burn wounds]
One is fresh ginger juice [or mashed fresh ginger] and the other one: the inner white side of a clean potatoe-skin with has been standing for a 2 minutes or so in boiling water[for "sterilization"]
I suggested to Tzahal [via high ranking people who visited me] to look into the option to have in every tank etc a bottle of fresh ginger juice [with a preservative] 
in cases of accidents-G-d forbid.   I have not heard anymore from it. 
Personally I saw one patient who remarkable recovered after a severe burn wound with  potatoe skin.
Now I got this mail from my daughter [translated by Google from the Dutch with a few corrections]

Hi Dad,

Never underestimate an old potatoe!

I have to thank you on behalf of ....... He pored boiling water over himself when he  wanted to drain the pasta, then I  straight away started peeling a potato. He had the whole evening  the potato peel bandage over his hand and says it does not hurt anymore, there is only one blister. The potato a month ago that I was planning to throw away 
because he was old has still served its function.

Below I am sending you 2 articles concerning these treatments:

Treat burns with potato peel

The potato peel, which housewives discard in the kitchen bin, is being used to treat burns. Doctors have learnt that in case of minor burns, potato peel bandages work better than conventional dressing. Dr.P.V.Naryanan, a plastic surgeon of Jubilee Mission Medical College, in Thrissur, Kerala, told this correspondent the potato peel bandage has three advantages. It’s cheap, non sticky and heals fast. Patients don’t have to cry out loud when it is taken off as it keeps the skin moist. Also, skin replacement has been found to be quicker when potato peel bandages are used”.

The hospital realized the use of potato peel when renowned plastic surgeon of Mumbai, Dr M.H. Keswani, came visiting. He had been experimenting with potato peels for years. Dr.Narayanan said,”Dr.Keswani told us he started thinking about it after a friend said innocuously how similar dried potato peel was to stored skin used by plastic surgeons. He then realized potato peel did not desiccate quickly. Burns patients lose a lot of water through evaporation from the wound and potato peels prevent quick evaporation.

Dr.Dattareya, an Indian-born doctor working in Holland, visited the jubilee Hospital and was amazed at the healing properties of potato peel. “He has published an article on it in a medical journal,” said Dr Narayanan.

It’s been mentioned even in the ancient books. Potato peels provide moisture; they also have anti-bacterial properties that help in healing burn injuries.

It’s the moisture that helps. The juices in a peel keep the wound moist. Perhaps this helps speed up the healing process. A dry wound is very painful and takes longer to heal.

Read more at 

For the kitchen: [from Dr. Leung: Herbalogram]

Keep fresh ginger in your fridge.

Except for culinary reasons ginger is also medically very useful [ against nausea ,car-sickness,diarrhoea!!,fever etc]

For burn wounds it may be one of the most effective treatments.

Squeeze or mash the ginger and soak the fluid up on a piece of cotton and apply it to the burned area.[this may be repeated many times if necessary]

It will relieve immediately the pain and even if blisters are formed they will heal quick and smoothly.

Ginger will also prevent infection of the wound [antibiotic effect]

Maybe a piece of ginger should be available in the kitbag of every soldier and ginger juice in every army-base!