Jujube fruit,from a small Chinese fruit tree [Ziziphus jujuba ] isedible and is used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). It is used to treat anxiety, insomnia [sleepless nights], and chronic constipation.
Some years already I have been prescribing it for [chronic] constipation with good results,
One may start with 2 to 3 times a day 7 drops and increase the dose up to some 40 drops a day.[use of course the minimal dose that helps]
Sometimes it can cause abdominal cramps and then the dose should be reduced.
The fruit has a long tradition and is likely totally safe and can be used at least for months. I suppose it is safe in medicine in small doses, but I can"t guarantee that.
In Israel the product is available as Yobsalax drops.

I have seen one female patient with diabetes who assured me that even a few drops of Yobsalax brought down her blood sugar levels, especially the morning values.
I have no further proof for that but in case on wants to try..............