14-4-2011  Constipation [obstipatie] en Pesach

Pesach and constipation

Pesach can be a time of constipation for certain people.
A product [if  food which is often limited on Pesach does not help enough] which may help is
Yobselax drops.[made in Israel]
As it is a fluid it needs to be kosher for Pesach and it has a stamp as such.
 I don’t know who gave the kashrut stamp ,check that for yourself]
Use : some 7-10 drops per day [one dose] or more.
Too much may give abdominal cramps.
It is a safe plant drug [Zizyphus Jujuba] and not habit forming.
I don’t know about pregnancy but I think that a few drops [4 or so] will not harm, but this is not a recommendation form my side.
It may reduce a little bit the blood sugar level and one patient with diabetes told me that it caused her a very strong reduction of the blood sugar in the morning when she takes the drops at night!
May you not need it at all.