Fascinating discovery [for me at least]

rally for israel in india

Two surprising things:

One maybe not so surprising......the demonstration.........as this part of the world looks for harmony ,even as much as Buddhism stand far apart from Judaism.

The second one: about the sikhs.

I must admit that I only heard about the name before [ I think in connection with suppression and "pogroms"] , but that was it. We are recommended [even forbidden] not to "research" other religions, dependent one who we are [ The Ramban had to study the christian dogmas as he had to defend himself against the catholic clergy before King Jayme 1 of Aragon ]

[ an English youtube dramatization of the disputation:


I looked up what this group [sikhs] stand for [why they should be "pro-Israeli"] and I was very surprised about what I read .

I send you a link about this monotheistic group if you want to know.   http://www.bbc.co.uk/religion/religions/sikhism/

How far away from what is preached by most of the Muslim preachers with the Koran in their hand.

Interesting would be to compare the teaching about the B'nee Noach [as described by Judaism] to this group!



20,000 March in India in Support for Israel

Sikhs and Buddhists joined a massive Hindu-organized rally in solidarity with Israel. Buddhists from Bangladesh, reeling from Muslim riots, also attended.

In what is being called by organizers the biggest pro-Israel, anti-terrorist rally in recent years, an estimated 20,000 gathered in India on Saturday in a show of solidarity with Israel.

Protesters holding pro-Israel banners marched through the streets of Kolkata, while community heads delivered speeches proclaiming Israel’s right to defend itself against Hamas.

“The destiny of both India and Israel as thriving democracies are intertwined. We both share the same values,” said rally organizer Tapan Ghosh.

To read the full story in Times of Israel, click HERE.

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