Simpele tips voor hoofdpijn behandeling

Headache : 2-3 simple tips



Do you know that rubbing a tiny bit of mint oil [mentha] in the temporal area sometimes my rapidly relieve headache? [even holding there a tea bag of nana[mentha] can help]


When the head ache is localised in the temporal area[ rakot in Hebrew] then pressing in the "web" between the 4 th and 5 th toe [where the bones meet, more or less a finger above the  junction of the 4th and 5th toe] can often bring [lasting] relief within seconds.


For acupuncturists it may be useful to know that 3 point often are very effective [even if there are many possibilities to chose from]

These points are:Liver 3, Large Intestine 4,  Governing Vessel 20  [Du 20]