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One hundred subjects suffering from a chronic progressive form of multiple sclerosis were randomly divided into two equal groups. Group 1 received Padma 28, two tablets three times a day, and group 2, the control, were treated only symptomatically. Treatment and observation lasted for 1 year. Examinations performed directly prior to the study and in the course of observation included: neurological state, visual and auditory evoked potentials, basic laboratory tests. A positive effect of Padma 28 was observed in 44% of patients with multiple sclerosis in the form of improvement of general condition, an increase of muscle strength, decrease or disappearance of disorders affecting sphincters. In 41% of patients with initially an abnormal tracing of visual evoked potentials, an improvement or normalization was achieved. Of patients, who did not receive Padma 28 none felt better, moreover, 40% of them showed a deterioration. Tolerance of the drug was excellent.