Happy news from Northern Israel: 20 baby crocodiles were born

20 Nile Crocodiles hatched from their eggs in the famous crocodile park in Hamat Gader today


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Sep 30, 2014, 05:30PM | Yael Klein

New beginnings for the new Jewish year – this time in the crocodile park: as in every summer, new crocodiles came in to the world today (Tuesday) in the crocodile farm in Hamat Gader. 20 Nile Crocodiles hatched from their eggs today, which their mother laid a few months ago.

"A crocodile has an extra tooth on its nose, and with that tooth is scratches the egg until it breaks and it can get out of it", David Golan, who is in charge of the caretaker teem in Hamat Gader, told Channel 2 News. "From this moment, their mother helps them through nature. She grabs them softly in her mouth, lowers them down to the water and keeps an eye on them".

Golan explained that in the next few days the baby crocodiles are expected to become predators: "Even before they hatch from their eggs, if you break the egg and put your finger inside – they already bite it. It still doesn’t hurt because it takes several months for the jaw to grow strong, but two or three days after they are born they start searching for prey. We feed them mincemeat in the beginning, and then we move onto larger pieces of meat". 

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