sleep apnea apnoea slaap apnoea

Over the years I have seen patients with severe sleep apnea [apnoea].

The treatment is quite complicated and and can be disappointing.

Probably the patients who really  can loose weight and keep a very strict diet may get much better,

but occasionally I also saw patients who where not overweight.

I have a suggestion for the patients I saw and who are still suffering [of course everybody may try it,

 as this [trial]homeopathic treatment is not dangerous and can be taken by anybody, even patients taking coumadin and sort like medicines.]

Buy in a homeopathic pharmacy the following:


asa foetida/robinia /ammi visnaga /grindelia/ all D6/ lachesis D30  aa ad 50cc  


shake the bottle vigorously before use [some 10 times] and take then twice a day some  5drops on or under the tongue[ not during meals]

If you feel much better then  stop and let me know.

Let me know your experience with this, please.

Hope that at least some of you may benefit from this.