Pesach -passfeest onderwerpen

A few FASCINATING medical-pesach issuses.

טובא גרירפורתא סעיד-ברכות לה ,תעמוד ב

A large quantity has an appetizing effect; a small quantity sustains.[Berachot 35b]

It seems strange but a large quantity of wine will stimulate one's appetite, whereas a small quantity will

satisfy and keeps hunger away.

Therefore if one drinks wine one on erev Pesach he should drink a larger [not to small] amount] so that he will not suppress his appetite for the seder.

In the journal Science [1982] it was published that an rapid infusion of glucose in the duodenum very much increased the appetite of rabbits and a slow infusion decreased the appetite.

This is may explain the statement of the Talmud.

[Source; insights, a Talmudic treasury by rabbi Saul Weiss]

So for over-eaters: it is clear what to do.

Drink a very little bit of wine before the meal [one or two teaspoons]

[Rambam mishne tora [ chapter 5,halacha 2 ]:

[translation by Rabbi Eliyahu Touger, Moznaim publ.corp]

"With regards to these five species of grain: if [flour from these species] is kneaded with fruit juice alone without any water, it will never become leavened.

Even if [flour] is placed in [these] juices the entire day until the dough rises, it is permitted to be eaten [on Pesach], for fruit juice does not cause [dough] to become leavened.

It merely causes [the flour] to decay.

The following are [included in the category] of fruit juice: wine ,milk, honey, olive oil, apple juice, pomegranate juice and all other similar wines ,oils, and beverages.

This applies so long as no water whatsoever is mixed with them.

If any water is mixed with them, they cause [the flour] to become leavened."

Simply, the smallest amount of added water will cause the mentioned grains to become leavened[to become chametz]

It is fascinating to be able to remark here the halacha brought by the Rambam and to relate this to the fact that in traditional medicine [as well in homeopathy] all water is not just water.

Water in fruits is considered to be totally different

from just plain water [ both of them are H2O in chemistry]

In homeopathy water that is shaken very vigorously has found to be different [from the water before it has been shaken] when examined with atom spectrography.

It is as if water has a "memory" [like footprints in the snow, which show-like a memory- that somebody passed there some while ago]

On seder Pesach all of us will remember the leaning on the left side.

[Kitzur shulchan aruch [chapter 71,halacha 5 ]

"It is beneficial to begin one's sleep while lying on the left side, and afterwards to change to the right side.

This is beneficial to one's health, since the liver is on one's right side, and the stomach on one's left. When one leans to the left, the liver will lie on the stomach and warm it with its heat. This will hasten the digestion of the food. After the food is digested, it is preferable to lean to the right, thus allowing the stomach to rest and the wastes to descend. One should not turn frequently from side to side"

Remarkable that I found in only one medical textbook form 1959 [and in no other book] that the temperature in the liver veins is above 41 degrees!!

Then it becomes understandable that lying on the left side "cooks" the food in the stomach [see above] which means that the speed of digestion is increased significantly!!

Do you know that recently it has been found that people who sleep only one on side have more tendency for kidney stones?

Pesach sameach we-kasher.

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