Bof Mumps Parotitis epidemica

A “come back” of Mumps-----------Chazeret.........................????----------Parotitis epidemica

You may not be familiar with this [children] disease because it has become rare now a days as a result of -successful-vaccinations.
Recently there has been an outbreak of mumps in Jerusalem.
Also in the USA and Holland there have been a "come back" from mumps in the last years, also when people were properly vaccinated [ 2 vaccinations]
Now that most children are vaccinated they do not get mumps anymore [at a young age]
The outbreaks made it clear that the vaccinations against mumps that are given at the moment maybe far from 100% protective in the long run and this may really be a problem.
An outbreak in the USA which started 2006 occurred -as said before-among people who had got 2 vaccinations!
As long as mumps was a children disease[most children got it,sometimes with minimal symptoms] there was not really much of a problem.[that was before the vaccinations]

Passing the disease in a natural way [often even sub-clinical ,that means: with hardly any symptoms]  caused life long immunity

It used to be  a rather innocent disease, even if there were sometimes complications.

I will write shortly a few facts about mumps and want to stress specially a few of them.

Orchitis [testicular inflammation]which is is quite common in adults with mumps[not in children under the age of 11] does not -or extremely rarely lead to sterility. It may start a week or so after the onset of the parotitis.[the gland swelling of mumps]

I write this because people have been scared sometimes by doctors  [ or even by "vaccination actions"] as if this is a real danger.

You will find in literature other possible complications which are probably most rare [this is my estimation/opinion]if the
if the immune system is strong.:

-deafness [transient],

-viral meningo-encephalitis [fully recovery is the rule].

-pancreatitis [abdominal pain with vomiting]

-inflammation of the testes [and ovaries]as mentioned above
Sometimes these complications may manifest themselves without prior swelling of the parotis gland.

Therefore it may be important to know if one has been in contact with a mumps patient, in case one develops one of these [complication] symptoms.
Mumps is a viral disease and is spread by saliva and droplets
[coughing,sneezing etc] and one get sick more or less 2 to 3 weeks [incubation time] after contact with a sick person.
The disease is much less infectious then chicken pox or measles.

The peak period of infectivity is from maximum 3 days before the parotis swelling until 3 days later,but to avoid being infective is is good to stay away from others for 5-7 days after beginning of the gland swelling.
Mumps may begin begin [not necessarily] with fever and pain on opening the mouth .

One to two days later a soft swelling of one cheek shows up, caused by swelling of the parotis gland,a swelling which is located below and in front of the lobe of the ear.

The other cheek may also get involved a bit later.The swelling disappears in a few days and may last up to a week.

The swelling may cause the ear to "stand off” [elevates the earlobe] Swollen cervical glands will not cause the ear to “stand off”.
Other glands like those under the jaw may also become swollen .
Let's leave it with this short introduction [more facts can be found on the internet] and let's see what one may do.
There is no official treatment for mumps in "modern medicine" but I will try to give you a suggestion for a herbal/homeopathic formula
which you may try with the permission of your doctor.
You may try the following remedies which exists of a mixture of homeopathic/herbal remedies : [print this out for the homeopathic pharmacy]

Echinacea D3 /agnus castus D3 / achillea millefol D2/
pulsatilla / phytolacca / bryonia/ belladonna / mercur sol
trifol repens / pilocarpine / plumbum aceticum / abrotanum
carbo veg, aa ad 50 cc , all as D6 , 30 cc per person will be enough.

May be used every 3 hours, a 5 drops under/on the tongue for all ages.

Clarke -a famous homeopath of the past- states that if Parotidinum 200 is given every 2 to 3 hours in the beginning of mumps is may considerably shorten the period of the disease. [there is no official scientific proof for this] but homeopaths of the past had a high degree of honesty when writing things, as far as I can judge [there were no
ghost-writers................a new phenomena]
The formula above is a mixture of many homeopathic remedies for the different symptoms with which mumps can express itself: of course on can “fit” the therapy more individual according to the existing symptoms if one has some homeopathic knowledge.
In case of abdominal pain and vomiting [a possible complication ]  example one try veratrum album D30, often a few drops.
as a remedy.
Personally I have not treated children or adults with mumps with homeopathy.
I mentioned the most common used remedies from the literature.
As modern medicine has no  treatment  for mumps you may try these homeopathic remedies.
A statement from the CDC:[center for disease control]
"A more effective mumps vaccine or changes in vaccine policy may be needed to avert future outbreaks and achieve the elimination of mumps," Gustavo Dayan of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta and colleagues wrote.
May G-d give we us the wisdom and the light [especially in this month of light:Kislev] to know  how to deal with what is real important in health and to do only what is good.