Treat him as a "billionair".............

"The Wealthiest Client"
From: Kindness: Making a Difference in People's Lives: Formulas, stories, and insights
By Zelig Pliskin 
Printed with Permission of Shaar Press 

Do you really want to learn how to treat another person with great respect? Then learn from business people and fundraisers. Watch how they treat their wealthiest clients. Listen how they speak. Observe what they do to give this person royal treatment. Then model these patterns with each person you encounter. Impossible to do?

Then at least do this with some people some of the time. And start with individuals who are least likely to be treated this way by others.

You never know. The very one whom you feel could never do anything at all for you might be a person who will transform your life. Today, he is penniless. At some point in the future, he might be wealthy. Today, he does not have clout. One day, he might be in a position to save your life. And even if he never has any money or never is able to do anything for you in a material sense, spiritually he elevates you.

Try this experiment. Each day for one week speak to one person as you would the wealthiest potential client you will ever meet. Compare the difference in how you treat him with this consciousness and how you would otherwise have treated him. This difference is what you need to work on to close the gap.

Recognize the spark of divinity in each human being. Your respect for the children of the Creator is ultimately the respect you show for the Creator.

Your personal honor is based on the honor you show others. How honorable do you want to be? You might claim that it is important for you to consider yourself a valuable person. And if it truly is important then this will be manifest in how you treat others. Treating others with disrespect or contempt diminishes you.

Treating others with honor and respect elevates you. Elevate yourself. Treat others with tremendous respect and you instantly are higher than you were before.

You are independent of how anyone else treats you. You are totally dependent on how you treat others. Treat them as multi-billion dollar clients and customers and your net worth goes up where it really counts.

My students told me these stories:

When I was a teenager, I attended my cousin’s wedding. His father-in-law was the head of a prestigious private school. I remember how he looked me straight in the eyes with great love and respect. That was 38 years ago. Every time I hear his name mentioned, I immediately think of the power of respectful eye contact. That is how people will remember you when your eyes express intense inner respect for others.

* * *

I am a fundraiser for a major organization. I had a meeting scheduled with a potential donor. At the meeting he told me, "I came by incognito yesterday to see how I would be treated by various staff members who didn’t know that I was a potential donor. I want to tell you that I was greeted in a friendly manner and treated with respect. I noticed that everyone who came by was treated similarly. Your institution will benefit from this."


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