10 short medical tips!

1] There aremany ways to treat ACNE.

A few remarks: take extra vitamin D and A, prevent sugar and "white stuff"

2] SEASONAL ALLEERGIES [hay fever etc]: again many ways to treat

MSM supplementation for one month [2 times a day a tablet of 1500 mg] may be quite helpful

3 ] TRAUMA: got a heavy object on your feet and all very swollen and painful

Use VINEGAR compresses and you may be amazed how quick the swelling may disappear. Of course also ARNICA globules D6 [suck some 4 times a day a globule]

4] THYROID [EUTHYROX] should be taken on an empty stomach [even no coffee etc]

It has been shown that it may even work better when taken at night instead of early in the morning


Spinach is a wonderful vegetable for the eyes [together with one or two organic eggs]

Cook or steam spinach fora few minutes. Spinach can also be very useful for constipation [how to remember: tered..............yored! ​

Don't eat it more then twice per week. Often there is a lot written against spinach because of the oxalic acid it contains,.

Short cooking / steaming solves a big part of the problem as well as adding some orange or mandarin /orange slices.

And for a dry itchy skin: try for sure adding spinach to your diet.

6] Sleeping on ANIMAL FUR in the first three months of life might reduce the risk of ASTHMA in later childhood

7] The regular use of AIR FRESHENERS and aerosols in the home has been strongly correlated with an increased incidence of diarrhea in infants and headache in new mothers

8] Higher MAGNESIUM levels linked to lower risk of stroke [CVA]

If the KIDNEYS are functioning well, then there is hardly any patient who I don't advise to take extra magnesium. [ for example magnesium citrate from Solgar, one tablet with the evening meal]

9] Muscle WEAKNESS is a sign you may be lacking vitamin D. If you don’t have the same stamina you had a few years ago, check your “D” level.

Women lacking in vitamin D are twice as likely to suffer DEPRESSION

10] “Good medical advise” for the new year:

Patient: I have a ringing in my ears …....Doctor: Don’t answer