Cholesterol: "the magic word"


To prevent spending a whole evening on this subject, I will try to make it short.

Most of all what is going on in this field was created by human beings [food -and pharmaceutical industry] to create a huge market for their interests.

Butter was "banned" because patented margarine's had to be pushed on the market,

eggs were "devils" ,because all kind of artificial replacements had to be marketed  instead, again with a patent-name and this has been going on for the last 40 years or more.

One thing is clear: all this has been shown to be huge nonsense promoted by a corrupted industry  and doctors were easily influenced because they were [are??] absolute analphabetics when it comes to basic nutrition.

Sometimes it was not naivety but just nice commercial interests from the same doctors.

The "statins" [anticholesterol drugs-antilipids] area entered............. the corruption and falsifications reached an all height.

Of course there is a clear statistical relation between cardiovascular diseases and blood lipids but the subject is too complicated to be dealt with here and for this we need unblemished scientists.............and a long story.

A short remark: for years I have been asking people with a risky history to do a blood test called:  Lp [a] = lipoprotein [a].

This test is probably the most reliable one to know the risk factors concerning blood lipids [fats].

As far as I am aware of  kupat cholim meuchedet is  the only kupa which performs/performed this test without much fuss [it should be done fasting: 12 hours, water allowed]

A high level [the higher the level] ................reason to relate to "cholesterol"

A low level............carry on eating healthy and walking etc

To prevent "self-doctoring" [and also not everything is yet fully known] I don't mention here values.

The price of doing this test privately in Meuchedet is more or less 70 shekel.


In case there is a real problem then likely the only medicine that will do good is:NIACIN

A VERY SAFE MEDICINE but with some nasty [non dangerous] side effects in the beginning like flushing and itching.

You may hear much more about this in the future.

If you do have a family history of cardiovascular diseases then ask your doctor for this test.