.........and a good report maketh the bones fat

........and a good report maketh the bones fat שמועהטובה תדשן עצם  






 Mishlei 15:30 [see end article]  

   שמועהטובה תדשן עצם     ‏   

.........and a good report maketh the bones fat


This is a theoretical article ,but very fascinating to see how western medicine is coming closer to the east.


The Chinese say that the different body organs are connected with different senses.

The "liver"[this is a much broader concept then just our western liver-organ] opens on the eyes [eye problems may be treated with acupuncture of the liver meridian]

The kidneys open on the ears

The heart on the tongue etc  etc


I now copy fro a Chinese text:


Ear Overview In Chinese Medicine:

The shape and size of the ears is related to ones constitution and kidney energy. A long and full lobe is indicative of strong kidneys and good constitution while a thing and small lobe in indicative of poor constitution.

Generally the kidneys open into the ears but not every ear problem is related with the kidney. The lesser Yang channels flow into the ear and some exterior heat conditions can cause ear problems as well. Dampness and Phlegm can also cause ear disorders when they obstruct the Qi circulation of the rising yang energy to the upper orifices


A white color of the ears indicates cold syndrome while a blue or black color of the ears would indicate pain. If the ear lobes are dry, withered and black, this would indicate kidney Qi deficiency


Western source:

And now from The Israel Medical Association Journal: [November 2007[shortened,,just the conclusion]


Kidney-Ear Axis

Anan H. Abbasi MD1,2, Rawi Ramadan MD3, Aaron Hoffman MD4 and Zaid Abassi PhD3,4

Departments of 1Genetics and 2Physiology and Biophysics, Rappaport Faculty of Medicine, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa

Departments of 3Nephrology and 4Vascular Surgery and Kidney TransplantationRambam Medical Center, Haifa, Israel

Key words: kidney, ear, claudins, tight junction, toxicity



It seems that there is a close connection between renal diseases and hearing disorders. This link might be explained by the fact that several proteins exist in both renal and ear tissues.

Therefore, it is tempting to assume that genetic or acquired defects in these proteins concomitantly impair the function of both organs.

Although we have summarized both established and newly described mechanisms underlying the pathology of kidney-ear disorders and syndromes, it seems that the nature of the kidney-ear axis is far from being understood and still needs further investigation. Today, a variety of new genetic techniques are

available and might be of great benefit in mapping novel genes expressed exclusively in both tissues, and when mutated cause kidney-ear disorders. The data presented here suggest the 

 importance  of the clinical and basic evaluation of syndromes sharing

both kidney and ear disorders due to genetic or pharmacological



End remark from me: To make the circle round with Proverbs:[mishle]


  משלי 15:30 שמועה טובה תדשן־ עצם

The kidneys are very important for the bones.............vitamin D is in the end stage transformed in the kidneys to the active form which can work on the bones.

So: Good news makes the bone fat

News goes via the ear.....the ear is connected with the kidneys...........kidneys "fatten" the bone[vitamin D]>>>>Good news makes the bone fat.