Israel field hospital helping wounded Syrian population

Israel sets up field hospital for wounded Syrians

Friday, March 29, 2013 |  Israel Today Staff  

Israel has reportedly established a large field hospital in the northern Golan Heights to treat Syrian's wounded in their country's ongoing civil war.

In recent weeks, 11 Syrians have crossed into Israel after being wounded in fierce gun battles between rebels and those forces still loyal to dictator Bashar Assad.

Until now, the wounded have all been taken to Ziv Hospital in the northern town of Safed. Eight have been successfully treated and returned to Syria, while three remain in Israel for ongoing treatment.

Israeli officials expect the number of wounded crossing the border to increase significantly as the fighting moves closer to the frontier. Hence the need for a field hospital.

This news once again refutes claims that Israel is a racist, apartheid state that hates Arabs. In fact, Israel is the only state in the region that would go out of its way to help wounded citizens from a neighboring nation with which it is still officially at war.