bits and pieces for beit knesset Aderet Eliyahu [rosh chodesh kislev 2009]


Bli neder- an Hebrew translation might be added to this leaflet.


Written for Rosh chodesh Kislev 2009 for beit knesset Aderet Eliyahu


Old and New "News" in short ["There is nothing new under the sun." ] [if you want more information of some of the methods described below you may write to me or go to


It is now quite clear that breast cancer can be prevented in virtually all cases by a high enough level of vitamin D in the blood. Check your vitamin D level, and don't postpone this test. The examination is called 25[OH] D and is done by all the kupot cholim.

Vitamin D has many more functions and I wrote in a former allon extensively about this vitamin/hormone.



Chlorine:for some time there is no longer any good reason that drinking water and especially swimming pools should contain chlorine

Chlorine is a real cell poison and there are other methods available to treat water safely [which may be a bit more expensive].

There is significantly more asthma in children who swim in chlorinated pools.

There is also an increase in certain cancers and moreover chlorine highly irritates the eyes.

At home, boil your drinking water [in an urn[ kumkum shabbath] for example] with the lid a bit open [before shabbath ] and use only boiled water. The chlorine will escape this way.

Bathing/showers are a real problem in the winter, as a lot of chlorine is absorbed by the skin.

You can use a small filter [easy to install by yourself] for this purpose in you bathroom, which removes most of the chlorine [if you write me i can send you a link on how to order one of the most trustworthy filters []



Recently it has been found that simple charcoal [pecham] may have a dramatic effect on improving blocked arteries, which is a serious complication especially in patients with advanced kidney disease [but not only in these cases].

As the treatment is not dangerous, I think one should not wait with giving this to human patients, even if the trial was only done on animals.

Even so, don't start using this yourself without the guidance of a doctor.

This is a real breakthrough and (if it would work as claimed) it could save quite a few lives.

Ii is mind boggling that this fact did not reach the news media.

Probably because [as in all these cases] there is little to be earned on charcoal..................but much more on vaccinations.


By the way: it is amazing how little the West has taken notice of traditional flu medicines used in China, Taiwan and India [I am not speaking about garlic or onions etc].

Asa foetida [fetida] [used also in homeopathy] has been found by researchers in Taiwan, to be more effective at killing the H1N1 virus than prescription antiviral drugs.

Asa foetida is used in the Indian kitchen.

In a journal of experimental biology [FASEB] it was shown that gluthatione ester [a kind of a very important antioxidant] might prevent life-threatening alveolar [lung] edema in humans with flu, one of the deadly dangers of flu.[The company Life extension makes such a product,I really don't know if it would work,but the experiments done are -as mentioned above- could not be ignored.

Maybe it would be wise to keep in stock [a] product[s] like this? It is called Setria(R) Glutathione, I would consider it for anybody with flu, but I don't know if it is available in Israel [USA : yes]



Dry eyes can have many causes.

A more and more frequent cause is LASIK surgery [think twice before deciding about this].

Simple castor oil - applied locally on the eyelids - can be one of the most soothing and effective remedies for this complaint [it will not heal the underlying "problem" but is much better then all artificial tears etc.].

Discuss this with your doctor and ask for a good quality [pharmaceutical grade] castor oil.



Parkinson: people who are not using yet a whole bunch of anti-Parkinson drugs may benefit quite a bit from eating regularly "ful mitzri" [fava beans], especially the sprouts from these beans.

Again: if you are interested I will send you by e-mail [in English or Hebrew] instructions how to sprout these beans.



Cherries [duvdevanim] are very important in the treatment and prevention of gout.

One maybe able to avoid toxic drugs like allopurinol by eating cherries dayly

In fact cherries have been shown to be highly anti-inflammatory and are excellent for arthritis and rheumatic complaints in general.

It seems that cherry growers have less heart problems and less cancers [of course they  "nibble" often from their own cherries].

Soldiers - and all athletes - may also benefit from cherries, as muscle damage from exercise heals much quicker by consuming cherries.



Shiitake mushrooms are very effective against a wide variety of bacterial and yeast infections and can be used by anybody in food or as a tincture.



What do your fingers tell?

The longer the ring finger is, compared with the index finger, the greater the likelihood of autism .



Diabetes: a very simple weapon [of course there is much more to do]: take 2 to 3 times a day some organic apple cider vinegar [I hope you like it] in a glass of water,about 1/2 hour before the meal.



The Talmud advises us to sleep with our head to the north, which is also "chochmat ha-amim". The Kabbala advises the head to the east.

Now it was published in a prestigious journal that most cattle that were grazing or resting, tended to align their bodies in a north-south direction.

Another animal to learn from............



Did you know that a decoction [cooking] of tamarindi [tamarind] and probably also fried walnuts are very effective in the treatment of existing kidney stones?



And to end with a special note for [French] Aderet Eliyahu:

At three to five days old, researchers found clear and consistent differences in the melodies of thebabies' cries and that the cries corresponded with the mother's language. French babies cried with a rising melody contour, while German babies cried with a falling melody.

Does this not sound familiar?

In aggadic writings we are told that the unborn child is taught the whole Torah in the womb!![Ashkenazi, S'faradi, Temani accent??]. As the child is born, however, the angel strikes him on the mouth and he forgets all that he has learned and is born a simple and unlearned baby.

Anyhow we have to start learning this Torah a new after birth with the benefit of some: ahah erlebnis [=something experienced before] from the womb period.

A happy Chanuka [Chanuca, Chanoeka, Hanukkah, Hanuka or Hannuka..........whatever sounds better to you and as it may be is "recalled" by you subconsciously from the womb period .[ I don't know if post-biblical [rabbinical ordinances ] were also taught in the womb]



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