Equal female rights in the Tora.............Where?

In this week's Parasha /weekly portion[ Pinchas ]there is a very interesting statement from Sifre [see below];

After hearing that only men would inherit portions in the land of Israel after Yetziat Mitzrayim [Exodus] the daughters of Tzelofchad complained to Moshe Rabbenu [Mozes]that they would not inherit in the land because they had no brothers.
They said:[quoting Artscroll Chumash] "The compassion of the Omnipresent is not comparable to the compassion of human beings who might have more compassion for males.
However, He Whose word brought the world into being is different.
His compassion is both for male and female-His compassion is for all" [Sifre]

Sifre contains midrashim = rabbinical teaching /explanations /traditions of the bible books Leviticus and Deuteronomy.[Va-Yikra and Devarim]

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