1-12-2011 What should I take with my medicines?

Many older patients take daily an aspirin [ a low dose like 100 mg] for good reasons or for less
clear/good reasons.
This is a complicated issue and not the place here to bring all pro's and contra's.
What is good to know is that many prescription drugs ["conventional drugs"] can cause in the long run some deficiency of some vitamin / mineral or other food compound.
Also food supplements [vitamins etc] can cause sometimes deficiencies of other compounds.
No doctor in the world can just guess all the possibilities and in this Internet age it is possible to search for published material.

Sometimes a deficiency may be mild, sometimes more severe.
Today just something about aspirin:
take aspirin always wit the evening meal as I wrote you before.
Probably most anti-hypertensive drugs are also best taken in the evening as they may work better this way.
Anybody taking aspirin would do good to take some folic acid extra [suggest a 1/4 tbl of 5 mg. break a piece of with your teeth [they are to small to cut]
Also vitamin C may be compromised with aspirin [one may take twice per day some 250 mg [or more]
Patients taking ACE "blockers" like Tritace, enalapril, ramipril etc would do wise to take in the evening before sleep 1/2 tbl of zinc piccolinate [zinc is best absorbed without food]
Metformin patients [for diabetes] should watch especially their B12 levels and preferable get some injections now and then
Maybe in the future some more about other common used medicines and possible deficiencies.

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