11 febr 2011 Skeptics of homeopathic medicine stage "overdose" protest

Skeptics of homeopathic medicine stage "overdose" protest


If they had taken the right homeopathic remedy tthen this may have stopped/mitigated  their "silly behavior" in the future...........

Skeptics of homeopathic medicine stage "overdose" protest

Activists take entire bottles of a homeopathic flu remedy in Memorial Park on Saturday.

Updated: Sat Feb. 05 2011 18:17:42


A group of about a dozen activists put their health on the line to protest against homeopathic remedies on Saturday at Memorial Park in Winnipeg.


They ingested entire bottles of homeopathic pills to prove that they are "ineffective," organizers say. 

No one appeared to be harmed from taking the pills. They ingested bottles of homeopathic sleep aids, "flu busters" and remedies for grief and bereavement.


The Winnipeg protest was part of a global group called 10:23 that planned staged overdoses in other cities Saturday and held the same protests last year.


Gem Newman, founder of the local group Winnipeg Skeptics, said that the protest was to put pressure on pharmacists and healthcare providers to ensure that products sold as medical treatments are effective.

Kumar Belgaumkar, a homeopathic medicine practitioner with the Winnipeg Homeopathic Clinic, said that while consuming excessive pills during the staged overdose wasn't dangerous, it also isn't a scientific test of homeopathic medicine.

Homeopathic medicine has been practiced for over 200 years and has been proven in a clinical setting, he said. 

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