Kindness to animals in the Jewish tradition


It should be noted that the Talmudic sages taught kindness to the beasts that serve us. The Torah contains many laws teaching that animals enjoy similar rights as humans do. The Talmud also expounds on laws that demonstrate concern for the physical or psychological suffering of animals in several places. Animals owned by Jews rest on Shabbat as humans do. One is forbidden to muzzle an ox while it is working in the field. Plowing a field using animals of diverse species is forbidden because this would be a hardship to these creatures that function with varying strengths. The Talmud teaches us that one should feed his flocks and herds in the morning, even before he himself eats. (Gitten 64) The Talmud also says that before people decide to take a work or companion animal into their home, they must first make sure they can feed the animal properly. (Yevamot 15)
Parry, Aaron (2003-03-04). 

Parry, Aaron (2003-03-04). The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Talmud (p. 187). DK Publishing. Kindle Edition. 


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