101 wetenswaardigheden

101 things: old and new


Parkinson patients may benefit tremendously from using one tablet of vitamin B2 [RIBOFLAVIN] per day [1/2 tablet a in the morning, 1/4 at noon and 1/4 at supper.


A deficiency of zinc is relatively common and takes a heavy toll on immune function, cutting the number of white blood cells by up to 50% when deficiency is severe.

Advise: are you often sick? Then take 1/2 tablet zinc-piccolinate every day with meals,children 1/4 tablet,depending on age

Zinc also Improves Impaired Taste Ability


Grape juice produces arterial relaxation and will in the long run reduce blood pressure

The hypotensive response to stevioside [from the sweetener stevia] appears to occur through a calcium antagonist mechanism similar to that of verapamil[an official drug,known as ikacor,ikapress in Israel]

A single potato a day may have clear effects on high blood pressure because it's richness in potassium [ashlagan]


Eating regular fish may have -bein ha-yeter the following beneficial effectsHelping stabilize your heartbeat, helping treat psoriasis ,lupus ,decreasing your risk for Alzheimer and Parkinson

disease , perhaps its most potent health benefit is its ability to help lower your blood pressure and irregularities in the heart rhytm.


Any tevlon should be removed from your kitchen, being it new or old vessels

It may cause all kind of minor to severe health problems, even birth defects and possible tumours and a whole array of not yet identified diseases


Long-term exposure to loud noise may increase the risk of developing benign tumors linked to hearing loss and a constant ringing in the ears, or tinnitus. This may also lead to a type of non-cancerous tumor called acoustic neuroma. The tumor gradually puts pressure on a nerve crucial to sensing sound and maintaining balance.


Children whose mothers didn't get enough vitamin D during pregnancy have weak bones.[check your vitamin D level [ called 25[OH]D ] see earlier pamphlet


A compound [lupeol]found in fruits like olives, mangoes, strawberries and grapes fights cancer and caused cells from human pancreas tumours to die when tested in the laboratory.

The compound also kills prostate cancer cells from humans injected into mice

The humble spice –red hot pepper[pilpel charif]-has also remarkable strong effect on pancreascarcinoma cells


Milk thistle [g'dilan] an herb found widespread in Israel, is a famous [the seeds] for the treatment of liver-disease

Recently it has also been show to work against prostate-cancer by affecting the genes [down-regulation]


Iron should never be given as a supplement [in men] unless ferritin levels are depleted

Increases in iron intake increase coronary heart disease

So don't by vitamins containing iron!!


If you want to boil or fry with garlic then let the garlic sit for about 15 minutes after peeling and crushing it, before entering it into the pan

If you don't do so, you will not benefit from the anti-cancer effects from garlic!


milkthistle [g'dilan] a herb found widespread in Israel , is a famous herb [the seeds] for the treatment of liver-disease

Recently it has also been show to work against prostate-cancer by affecting the genes [down-regulation]


Tea Lowers ovarian cancer risk, so do carrots and ginkgo


Dark beer [non-alcoholic] can be very useful as a sleeping-aid, just as well as a good cup of chamomile tea.[cover the glass when steeping the tea]

The same dark beer may also reduce the risk of ovarium cancer [contains humulus lupulus=hops]


Simple beans [kidniot] reduce to a high degree the chance of breast cancer


Almond, walnuts, oats, barley, garlic: a few extreme important things for a healthy heart and blood vessels


And there is so much more to thank the bore olam for………next time B"H [be-ezrat hashem