16-8-2011 Born in Israel if you are born in Jerusalem? Don't ask the State department.....

Let's look positive at things ,mentioned below.

What a compliment!!

If you are born in Leiden or Paramaribo the country Holland or Suriname has to be stated, evenAmsterdam because there one or more Amsterdam's else in the world.

But.....Jerusalem: enough stating the city and eveybody, even in the Amazone jungle will know where it is.

Simply: there is only ONE Jerusalem.

Bravo for the State Department!

 AUDIO EXCLUSIVE :: State Department Discriminates Against US Citizens Born in Jerusalem:  Download MP3 File Last week we reported that the US Supreme Court has agreed to hear the case of Zivitofsky v. Clinton.  Today One Jerusalem had the privilege of hosting the world renowned legal team of Nathan and Alyza... (read more)

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