The key to maturity

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Wednesday, 12 March 2014 / 10 Adar B 5774 
Dedicated to Richard Sutton for Brachah and Hatzlachah
The Key to Maturity
Solomon became the king of Israel when he was just twelve years old!  His father, King David, prepared his son for this awesome responsibility by telling him that despite his young age, he must rule as "if he was an adult." Specifically, King David told him that the key factor in maturity is "taking advice." 
Lesson: Youthfulness is characterized by overconfidence in one's own insights. Whereas, maturity comes from recognizing the importance ofconsulting with wise advisors before making a decision. 
App: Make it a practice to take expert advice when facing importantdecisions.     
(Based on the commentary of the Ralbag to Shmuel B)
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