Asa foetida[fetida] is one of the plants i have used very often in homoeopathy.

EXTREMELY useful for "reflux", I have been able to spare children major operations

for ureter[ureteral] reflex which may lead to recurrent urinary tract infections and damage to the kidneys

as well as for a hiatus hernia in more recent medicine known as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)[also in adults]

Sometimes this can also treat asthma in children if this is caused by a reflux.

For all this I have to thank Didier Grandgeorge who describes all this in his genius book:

The spirit of homoeopathic medicines.

All the homoeopathic books bring the fact that asa foetida is good for reverse peristalsis movement

but only because of Grandgeorge I came to treat the above-mentioned conditions.

I think it is a big Mitzva for anyone reading this to bring this to the attention of doctors, especially of urologists and gastroenterologist

How much operations/suffering could not be prevented!

The article below describes other aspects of asa fetida.