17-4-2012 Uien Onions Hebrew: Batsal

 Onions --- Batsal : Article for rosh chodesh Iyar for Biet Knesset Aderet Eliyahu

Onions [Batsal]
As we just got up from the seder table we will discuss today in short the vegetable we were so "missing" after Yetziat Mitzrayim: Batsal
I am sure that if Rabbi Levi Yitzhak of Berditchev would have known all the health benefits that has been shown to be present in onions now a days also scientifically , he may have pleaded for us also using these facts as an argument for forgiveness  when we complained about  "missing" the Betzalim when we left Egypt.
Summing up:
Onions are very rich in polyphenols [including flavenoids], only a few very vegetables are richer is this compound such as: heart of artishok, parsley, Brussels sprouts,celery.
One of the flavonoids are quercetin which is often used as a supplement. Red onion is especially rich in this compound and most of it is is concentrated in the outer layers, so always peel off  from the onion only a very thin layer. By making onion soup we hardly loose any of the quercetin as it gets transferred into the water[soup]
The more one tears ["demaot"] when preparing onions the more benefit the onion will give........so accept the tears!
Eating onions is for sure preferable over using quercetin as a supplement, but if this is not feasible then taking a supplement can still be useful.
Quercetin is well known to have an anti-allergic effect and a positive effect on the prostate.
Eating often onions has huge health benefits [one a day, 1/2 a day] as much as you like. It is highly protective on the cardio-vascular system.[for example prevention of heart attack]
Cook onions for a short time [some 5 -7 minutes] only.
Before eating fresh onions of before cooking  , cut the onion in thin slices and let it stand for 5, to maximal 10 minutes.
It has been shown that this causes the release of important sulfur compounds which onion is so rich in,  and this release would be lost -together with its many benefits- if putting the onion straight away in the pan.
Cancer: colon,rectal, and ovarian cancer as well as laryngeal  and esophageal cancer,has been shown to be reduced significantly with the [very] regular use of onions
 Onion's sulfur compounds may have an anti-clotting effect and this helps prevent  unwanted thrombosis by reducing the clumping together of blood platelet cells. There is also evidence showing that sulfur compounds in onion can lower blood levels of cholesterol and triglycerides and prevent the oxidation of these in them self not harmful compounds.
Women who passed the age of menopause may be able to lower their risk of hip fracture by plenty onions in their diet and will in general have stronger bones.
The high sulfur content of onions is beneficial for our connective tissue. Connective tissue  requires sulfur for its  formation.  Glycosaminoglycans (GAGS) molecules found as an important compound in the ground substance of our connective tissue. 
It is known that at older age a dilatation of theaorta [aneurysm] is quite common and can cause sudden death [massive bleeding] It seems to me that screening for this condition i[which is simple] is far more important then many other useless screenings. Eating frequent and enough onions over the years may help the prevention of this fatal condition[if not discovered early enough] Also chromium in which onion is rich may help prevent aorta aneurysm.
Anti-Inflammatory : just like garlic onions can be used to treat many inflammatory diseases [rheuma etc] 
Onions are a good source of molybdenum and deficiency of this trace mineral has become more and more common in our society with highly refined food.
Molybdenum deficiency has been associated with an increase in caries [asheshet],higher incidence of esophagus cancer and sexual impotency.Beans and peas are also very rich sources of molybdenum, especially lentils
Onions should be stored away from potatoes, as they will absorb their moisture and ethylene gas, causing them to spoil more readily.
 Onion is derived from the Latin word unio, which means ""one  [ the onion plant producing a single bulb, unlike garlic, that produces many small bulbs].  The onion bulb also has many separate, concentrically arranged layers.
Onion is also used in homeopathy [allium cepa D6,D12 etc]..........look this up if you wish
An absolute aversion to onions is rare [at least I don't know many patients with this] but it may give a clue to a possible homeopathic remedy if this is indicated [ Thuja, sabadilla, phosphorus etc ]
An healthy chodesh Iyar with plenty of onions, but now in our independent country.