19-9-2011 101 belangrijke medische feiten

Tea drinking is a wonderful enjoyment instead of drugs,against:
viral infections [flu], stress [" margi-a"], against heart disease, against osteoporosis and much more.
Every women should start taking folic acid [more or less 1 mg] before marriage.
A short of folic acid [in the very first stage of pregnancy] can cause life-long severe birth defects. take  folic acid during the whole pregnancy ,which may preventleucemia in small children.
Well known as well is the importance offolic acid in the prevention of dementia/alzheimer.
Interesting that it just recently has been shown that folic acid can dramatically reduce toxic levels of arsenic in drinking water- a huge problem in countries like Bangladesh,where millions of people are exposed to this threat. 
  Good soya products like tofu [not genetic manipulated] can remarkable reduce the chance of developing/spreading prostate cancer. 

Micogal[microwave] should not be found in your kitchen [for many reasons, some of them already mentioned in the past] 
If you are crushing garlic and boiling or frying it,you have a wonderful protective "medicine" on your plate,which protects better against "sticky blood" then any aspirin may do  ,the only exception s microwaving which strippes garlic almost entirely of its blood-thinning effect.

A past  leaflet [ alon] dealt with mineral salts {ORS replacement} for diarrhoea.
Ginger may be an excellent spice for severe diarrhoea,especially in tropical areas [ remember as well cinnamon,small doses of nutmeg powder, carob powder and much more] 

For our soldiers who are exposed to sound trauma do ask your doctor to prescribe extra magnesium and possibly also vitamin B 12. 
This can prevent hearing loss and other ear problems.

"Fresh from the press" :recently published by Israeli researchers:
It has been found that the antibioticminocyclin can significantly reduce the incapacity after a stroke [ lo alenu] if used within 24 hours.
This is big news!! [ Wolfson Medical Center  Tel Aviv University]

Do realize that there is good herbal treatment for kidney failure. [kidneys which are not working well] 
The herb chinese  rhubarb [rheum]-which II have been using for the last 20 years- has shown definitely positive effects [there are some more herbs to use and there is not a single medicine in conventional medicine up today which can change the situation,but waiting for dialysis.......! 

Vomiting in pregnancy : many things to do.
acupressure point P6, taking ginger,taking extra vitamin B6,,sometimes extra vitamin C together with  vitamin K and many possibilities with homeopathic remedies[individual choice for every women ] 

Last but not least:  of the best simple "drugs" against heart disease ["high bad cholesterol" ] etc. is...............guess ............onions!! [cooked ,fried,a bit raw ], no cheaper treatment thinkable.