Hoe de schade na bestraling te verminderen? Radiation protection

Radiation protection after and before

​A wide range of compounds, especially herbs/foods have been examined to show their protection from radiation​
Anybody who undergoes radiation [treatment, CT scans etc ] is advised to consider looking for plants or other compounds which may reduce cell [DNA] damage
Today i would like to mention just 3 simple effective compounds, 2 herbs and one fruit.​


​Melissa [officinalis] and Mentha [pip] [nana is one form] ​
​are herbs anyone knows. Everyone can take this if necessary, as a tea.
The 3th -probably very effective- compound which can also be taken as  an extract [capsules etc] is seabuckthorn​
There is much more, but I am not the one to write a "book" about this.​


​Keep these few in mind after x-rays etc.​