26-8-2011 Sesam : een zeer gezond product!

Sesame oil/ sesame seeds

As you know I have been advising sesame oil together with olive oil over the last30 years as the only healthy oils to be used in Israel.

Canola -the “new-comer”-is and was never advised by me !!

Sesame is available as techina[tehina], chalva and in many other forms.

The seeds are available in many colour-variations:


Without going into depth, I would like to summarize some special medical uses for sesame seeds:

rheumatoid arthritis [rich in copper!]


hypertension [oil and seeds]

PMS [premenstrual problems]

osteoporosis [many minerals ,especially zinc]

All the seeds are good , but for the moment I advise especially the black seeds.

Amount : one to two flat table spoons [kapot], can be soaked for a while in some drink/juice.

Worth using : easy to use and effective for most common serious problems.

Available in health food shops.

Store the seeds [closed] in  the fridge after opening the package.