Appendicitis: hoe te diagnostiseren ? [home method]


Everybody may have now and then [strong] abdominal pain which may last for a while.
Abdominal pain may be caused by appendicitis and this is a surgical emergency, as you all know.
The purpose of this short story is not to make you -as parents- or as adults an expert in diagnosing appendicitis [often enough a surgeon my have difficulty with this!] but to give some clues as when to consider strongly this possibility. 
In children abdominal pain is virtually always located around the navel area [saviv ha-tabur],if you ask the child to show where the belly hurts.
Also appendicitis may start with pain in this area and may be accompanied sometimes by repeated vomiting and a [low grade] fever]. 
The pain then shifts [moves] from the navel area to the lower abdomen on the right side.[important sign]
A very suspicious sign is "rebound" tenderness" : if one presses lightly on the abdomen and then very suddenly removes the pressure[lift your fingers  suddenly from the place you were pressing on] a sharp strong pain may be felt!! 
In this case don't consider the abdominal pain as trivial, but visit a doctor or a hospital.
Eating whole wheat bread and healthy food in general gives a high protection against appendicitis [and a whole array of other "western diseases]