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What to do if your child contracted whooping cough [sha-elet=pertussis]? שעלת See also next mail

Resending this article as I get some requests for advise about shaelet [pertussis].

Some cases maybe para-pertussis, a bit less problematic.

[Sent in the past]:

What to do if your child contracted whooping cough [sha-elet=pertussis]?



A short advise:

I heard that there are some cases of confirmed sha-elet [ whooping cough = pertussis] at the moment in Jerusalem.No idea about the amount of children.

As the Ministry of Health seems not to know how to inform doctors about what is going around in the country [since I am in Israel I can't remember ever getting once a informative letter from them and I suppose this is not personally.....!] Even the computer age seems not to have reached them??   I have to hear "medical happenings" from patients or to find out in practise or to hear it from the news-reader if I am lucky.

If I find time I will write you some more about sha-elet, but you may read also about it on the Internet.

The disease can be dangerous especially in the first year of life, there after the danger drops rapidly even if it still can be quite bothersome.

For this reason I always advise[d] to give small children this vaccination, which may protect them for a great deal in the first year.

All in all this vaccination has not be found to be a very effective one in the long run, this in contrast to highly effective vaccines like tetanus and polio, which have made vaccinated people immune for life.

In case of sha-elet do what your doctor tells you to do!![give antibiotics if he tells you to do so]

So: Start / continue with the treatment you get from your doctor.

On top of that you may give the child/patient an homeopathic formule which I have found very useful in cases of sha-elet.

A breast fed / formula fed baby may be given one or two drops just before feeding every time before breastfeeding

You can buy in a homeopathic pharmacy [ Gilo:french pharmacy,  Oplatka ] the following prescription [ mirsham ][print this out or copy it by writing]

 drosera /mephites /coccus cacti /ipecac/cuprum acetatum D6 aa ad  50 cc

Can be  given to children [ of all ages] or adults : 4x per day[see above for breast fed babies]  -some 3 drops on the tongue .

Always shake the bottle very vigorously some 10 times on a book or so, before giving/taking the drops.

Also buy Pertussinum D30 as globuli [or drops] and let everybody [contact persons] take one globule or a few drops and some 48 hours later the same.