The man who saved the world [26 September 1983] A must look!! May cause you to shiver.


The man who saved the world [26 September 1983] A must look!! May cause you to shiver.

I just read this story in the "monthly" journal Zman".
Remarkable that the story is so rather unknown.Should have got a double Nobel-prize.

And I just checked out the Hebrew date out of curiosity.
Guess when this nearly world-disaster was prevented?
The corresponding Jewish date is: Tishrei 19, 5744[first day of Succot] [see below]
Interesting on this day the first 21 verses for Zacharia 14 are read in the synagoge,which describes :......... For I will gather all the nations against Jerusalemto battle etc
Read further if you wish and you will recognize in these verses some frightening descriptions of a possible Nuclear war {?} ........their flesh shall waste away while they are standing on their feet etc
May this never happen! May the world come to their senses and recognize the Ruler of the world!
This story  of Stanislav all happened when we all sat the first day in our Succa [26 Sept 1983], just a 3 weeks after the Cantor sang on Rosh Ha-Shana [the jewish new year] the awful[= inspiring fear] song: ....who will live etc [listen here, please: ]
It may give us extra inspiration to beg/pray for "abundant-mercy" in a couple of days on Rosh Ha-Shana [which starts on Wednesday evening]
 Don't look at this-red coloured-  link if you are very sensitive!! 

Another version of the same song:            by the IDF = Israeli army]

And some extra songs for these days:[conected with the coming New year and jom kipoer.
Some beautiful links from Shlomo Carlebach Z"l   לכו נרננה נוסח קארליבך -בית תפילה ישראלי  karlibach Lechu Neranena    Shlomo Carlebach - Yamim Noraim Nusach ( Prayer ) part 1   Shlomo Carlebach - Yamim Noraim Nusach ( Prayer ) part 2