Mazelen voor zover nog bestaand!

An article about measles .
As i understood there is some measles going "around".
please,don't get nervous,measles has been around for ages and there has never been made such a fuss about it as in our "modern age".
The disease is benign and rarely are there complications in our areas and virtually[probably] never in children who get good nutrition.
Once one get measles immunity is life-long!![i may explain once more about this , b"h]
any child in Israel should get extra vitamin D drops [i send many articles about this] and in cases of measles extra vitamin A can be very important.
In fact one of the big dangers of measles in poor tropical countries has been blindness because of a lack of  vitamin A, which affects the eyes as well as the respiratory tract.
[don't worry at all about this in Israel,but again extra vitamin A can be very important[discuss this with your doctor and show him the article-maybe- and ask how much to give]

After the article about measles i will copy a second article which i sent last year as well and which is worth reading again.

Treatmentfor measles

There is no specific antiviral therapy


There is no specific antiviral therapy for measles, and the basic treatment consists of providing necessary supportive therapy such as hydration and antipyretics and treating complications such as pneumonia. Multiple studies have shown that vitamin A supplementation improves outcome of measles in communities where vitamin A deficiency is known to occur. Although vitamin A deficiency is not a major problem in the United States, low serum concentrations have been found in children with severe measles. Therefore, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends vitamin A supplementation be considered for children greater than or equal to6 months of age (limited data are available about the safety of vitamin A for infants <6 months of age) who have any of the following risk factors: immunodeficiency, clinical evidence of vitamin A deficiency, impaired intestinal absorption, moderate to severe malnutrition or recent immigration from areas where high measles mortality rates have been observed. All children 6 months to 2 years of age who are hospitalized with measles should also receive vitamin A. The recommended dosage, administered orally as a capsule, is a single dose of 100,000 IU for children 6-11 months of age or 200,000 IU for children greater than or equal to1 year of age. The dose should be repeated the next week and again 4 weeks later for children with evidence of vitamin A deficiency.


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