10-8-2011 Dwarsligging, Stuitligging

If the fetus is lying in a transverse position -עמדה רוחבית- in the last month of pregnancy then  a Cesarean section {Sectio caesaria] will be necessary,if nothing changes .
About a breech presentation   [ עכוז ]
 I already wrote you:
A simple Chinese method [moxibustion
 = in this case burning a "cigar" to stimulate acupuncture point  BL 67 (Zhiyin, located beside the outer corner of the fifth toenail)
, if started early enough -between the 33-35th  week- often will make the fetus turn !
Pulsatilla homeopathically can also be very helpful.
Is there a simple method for a transverse position?
I don't know and I never had to deal with this.
It is possible that a single dose of Toxoplasmosis 1M may be very effective at least according to Norbert Enders ,a German homeopath,who considers this a nearly proven method!
If any woman finds herself in a position like this then she may contact me and may want to try just one single tablet,one time! [ absolutely no danger involved] of this homeopathic remedy.