3-7-2012 : Answer on question about metformin

A question to all the readers:very curious to hear YOUR OPINION] ............Metformin shows promise for the treatment of pancreatic cancer

This morning I sent you the article[s] about metformin and the possible new aspects of this old ["plant"] drug -used since ages for diabetes-to help in the treatment of pancreas cancer and probably other cancers as well..
I asked you if you have any idea what could be a problem here.
I got some nice reactions.......... Thank you

I think that the biggest problem will be the [non]"sponsoring" of this drug ,simply because it has no patent anymore and therefore any farmaceutical company can produce it [and there will be relatively little to earn on it]
This may lead to a "non-interest" in this drug and even to an ignoring of it, if the sale of other far more expensive drugs which are still holding a patent are endangered by adding/using metformin.
Alas ,this is one of the "side effects of modern medicine"/ economics.
The same reason why phytotherapy [plant medicines] will not be used and stimulated even if they have a proven record, because many of them can't be "patented".
Slowly things will change!