A few issues [Heart,psoriasis,nausea,acne,loosing weight etc].

A few issues [Heart,psoriasis,nausea,acne,loosing weight etc].


For a long time it has been known in Ayurveda medicine that capsicum [cayenne pepper] [chili] [pilpel charif adom] has a  strong stimulatory effect on the cardiovascular system [heart and blood vessels]

Cayenne has been used in acute  conditions to stop bleedings.

It has been used in India for heart weakness and for heart attacks.

Recently the medical journal “Circulation” [14 Sept 2010] 

published that capsicum [the compound Capsaicin was used,the main component of chili peppers] applied to certain skin areas of mice could protect the heart muscle.

In humans, this therapy has the potential to reduce injury in the event of a coronary blockage, thereby reducing the extent and consequences of heart attack.”

Researchers observed -in experiments- an 85 percent reduction in cardiac cell death when capsaicin was used. 


Amazing that -as with so many things still to be proven in Western medicine -Ayurveda medicine was aware of all this.

In case of mere suspicion of an heart attack [and this may manifest itself even with just acute shortness of breath [lung edema] or in case of just some "unwell feeling" of  a patient known to have heart problems, it may be clever/prudent to rub some red pepper powder mixed in some home ointment/creme on the chest area but the most proven traditional use of red pepper in these cases has been to take a tiny bit of the pepper under the tongue!

Saving a big part of the heart muscle from dying is not a small thing and I suggest that everybody who has has something to do with  Magen David Adom [“MADA”] suggest this to the to the medical decision makers so that in every ambulance capsicum in some form might be found in the "revival kit", but first of all  this should be a  home treatment if ever needed.

By the way, it is wise to keep all kinds of spices at home in stock as one day any of them might save a trip to the emergency room.

A tea made from some 4 cloves -for example-may stop a tremendous nausea [bechilot]

Anise seeds  for swollen, bloated abdomen [gas]. 

Maybe in the future I will write some more abut the use of  various spices as home remedies.


Acne and psoriasis:   

Many approaches are possible, but if you wish just one tip/ one thing to do, then buy Echinaforce  drops [from Bioforce] and drink at least twice a day some 40 drops with some water. 

Can be used for many months.


Curcum [Turmeric,Geelwortel][our old "friend"] :

For all possible cancers as discussed in the past.

Extremely protective for the heart: may even help prevent a very serious condition such as heart failure and prevent pathological enlarging of the heart as well as  certain  arrhythmia's.


When added to food it may prevent bacterial infections of the intestines  as well as very serious complications of the intestines caused by certain  antibiotics 

[ called: antibiotic-associated colitis or pseudomembranous colitis)

Chanuka sameach and please don't forget: for the sufganiot ....olive oil or sesame oil or even butter! [and maybe a tiny bit of curcum to make the sufganiot easier to digest]

And if you have “over-eaten” on them then remember the simple trick to loose weight : drink before every mail 2 full glasses of water!

[you may do this of course the whole year]