Various "health-issues" [Article written for beit knesset Aderet Eliyahu]

Some short issues for this month.


At least in the laboratory, some foods have been shown to be highly effective in inhibiting [stopping] the growth of some common cancers like cancers of the colon,breast, prostate, lung, brain .

Outstanding foods for all these cancers were : garlic, scallions [batzal yarok] and leeks [krisha-כרישה], all belonging to the “onion” family. Also high ranking in all these cancers were brussels sprouts-כרוב ניצנים and the cabbage family in general.

In one of the most famous textbooks of Oncology: Cancer: principles and practice of Oncology [2005], co-written by Prof. DeVita, there is not a single chapter about cancer and nutrition!

Don’t forget that simple olives and good quality olive oil are miraculous foods for many health problems and also for the prevention and treatment of cancers.

About curcum, mushrooms, green tea, berries, pomegranates [rimonim], red wine, dark chocolate, brazil nuts etc etc. I have written in former  leaflets.

An often forgotten anticancer-food is seaweed [atzot yam] available in all health food shops.[such as nori, kombyu, wakame, arame, dulse]

Please add one of them often to your food [ask the shop how to prepare it]

A teaspoon per day is enough.

The subject of cancer [“there are so many forms"!???] is dazzlingly broad and at the same time remarkably “simple”..............,use what is known.

Can we permit ourselves  to continue producing products which are highly cancer promoting [all the various oils which are used in our many baked products and cookies? 

Can we close our eyes to this when more and more countries are outlawing the sale of these foods?

A few other issues:

Shiitake mushrooms are very effective against a wide variety of bacterial and yeast infections and can be used by anybody in food or as a tincture.


A lack of vitamin D in a pregnant woman can cause quite a few problems in the newborn and also later in the life of the child.

There is also a clear correlation between25 (OH)-vitamin D levels and severity of atopic dermatitis in children [eczema]


Sepsis  is a life threatening complication which can happen with every infection, especially in patients with a compromised immune system [caused by certain drugs for example]

I Hebrew one tends to call this : K’risat ma-arachot......all the organs get into a very critical condition.  Severe sepsis has a mortality rate of 40 percent.

Recently it has been shown that a single injected dose of vitamin C may not only prevent the onset of sepsis, but also reverse the disease.

Early as well as delayed injections of vitamin C improve chances of survival significantly, the beneficial effect of a single bolus  injection of vitamin C is long lasting and prevents capillary plugging for up to 24 hours post-injection.

I think that anybody undergoing any complicated operation should insist that the  hospital has injectible vitamin C in stock!!

It can mean the difference between life or death.

Vitamin C is cheap and safe. Previous studies have shown that it can be injected intravenously into patients with no side effects. 

It has the potential to significantly improve the outcome of sepsis patients world-wide.

May we read this leaflet while there is  streaming rain [geshm liv’racha] outside!

 [In Israel there is an extreme dry season at this moment when it "should " be raining]