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No, not about bird's flu.

Something far more beautiful and fascinating.

This coming Shabbat we are reading parshat Re'eh

I am now quoting [see for the source at the end of the article]:


In Nissan ,the skies of Eretz Israel are full of birds.

Because this tiny strip of land is on the main migration route to and from Africa ,it is the home to a disproportionately large number of birds each spring.

They each know "their appointed time……………the time of their coming."


Now, the fascinating fact is that the chasida [the stork] is mentioned twice in the Torah, in parshat Shemini and in parshat Re'eh.

And pele pela-iem [miraculously] most of the time the chasida flies over Israel [first to the south and then back to the north] dafka in the 2 weeks that these parshiot are read [in the spring and in the fall] in the synagogues.


This fascinating fact and much more can be found in the beautiful written book:

Seasons of life by [rabbi] Nosson Slifkin [Targum press]


I found a very nice connection between parshat Shemini and the chasida in the torah codes.

As I can send this only as a print screen which takes a lot of megabytes I am not sure if I will manage to send you this.

If possible I will send it as a separate attachment.