22-4-2011 What is the connection/difference with/between the splitting of the Yam Suf [Red sea]and homeopathy??





What is the connection/difference with/between the splitting of the Yam Suf and homeopathy??


Maybe , this video will make it clear.

Instead of spending their money by giving it to hungry children or in fighting terrorism  a few of the "fanatic human beings" being interviewed  spent the money to try to prove by force that only "their idea" of medicine make sense [ and that would not be so bad, if it was not coupled with their idea that other systems [ "harmless water" in their eyes should be banned]

That the Australian television sought it to be a good case to broadcast such a program-as innocent as it may look- gives me a "mixed" feeling about what is going on in part of this society.

Well, it is simple........one  can state with full honesty: most modern medicine works powerful  and saves lives and at the same time hardly solves  any chronic problem !!

And the cost of side effects can be minor to huge.

About this theme a television program could  have been constructive.

The opponents to homeopathy [or other potential healing systems] do remind me a bit of Haman [from megillat Ester], not  to confuse with Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy].

Haman could not be happy as long as Mordechai did not bow down for him!!!

Doctors have the ability in most cases to use all the G-d given medical systems and drugs 

available to them.

Use them and thank daily for it!

As many doctors never got a chance to look further then what they were taught in Western medical schools , because they never got a chance to do so or because they were ever too busy or just because they feel/felt happy enough with their success of healing...............Daiyenu [enough], I would think.

But not so:  any patient who claimed that highly dilutes snake poison [for example Lachesis] or the ink of ink fish [Sepia] made him feel better or made him totally better

should be examined by a psychiatrist, because this CAN'T be and SHOULD not be!


Well, if anybody claims the the splitting of the sea was an impossibility or that just -"by chance"- the tides were at that moment such that this phenomena "happened",

then he is denying the most basic thing in life...........There is a G-d who can make this work!
The same G-d may have given a "new" system of medicine in the hand of mankind , even if the mechanism of its effect is not really understood, but plenty of opportunity has been given for practitioners to try it out safely on mankind with -when properly applied -remarkable effects.

Modern medicine has introduced / strengthened many blessings but at the same time quite a bit of real "atheism" [this is my opinion!]

We -and only we -in this generation are capable of everything.

Anything we can't explain-even if this has been shown again and again to work-is not existing, even if the doctor never took even one opportunityy to work himself with an other system [by the guidance of a colleague familiar with it ] or interviewed people who got healed 

The aversion is too big, mentally too repulsing to have to get out of my box, there is no creator..............this makes life "quasi-safe".

Why I am spending so many words on a trivial thing? [what are others thinking about homeopathy?

Just because I think that the fanaticism with which this is fought is the same as all fanaticism which is based on absolute intolerance [not because  homeopathy is threatening the world] and pure atheism and we see what fanaticism can lead to.

May healing / medicine be spared for this.


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