17-4-2012 " We have gone Mad"

'We've Gone Mad,' Says Leading Pundit
by Gil Ronen 

"We've Gone Mad" – that was the caption over an op-ed piece by Maariv's Ben-Dror Yemini, a leading opinion-shaper, Tuesday morning. The op-ed describes the way Israel's press has cooperated with pro-Hamas European anarchists in defaming Lt. Col. Shalom Eisner, because of a single act of violence against a Danish anarchist.

The five-second-long video segment in which Eisner can be seen pushing the magazine of his gun into the Dane's face has been shown in Israeli media over and over again, in "loops," hundreds of times in the past few days.

"It's been a long time since we had an event that made it possible to portray Israel as a monster," Yemini wrote sarcastically. "No 'Cast Lead,' no massacre in Jenin,  not even a mini-intifada. The promises of a 'million man march' toward Israel's border melted into nothingness, the flotillas stopped coming, even the mass flytilla turned out to be bogus. Nada… And then it happened. It may have seemed for a moment that Israel was successful in hiding the fact that it is a monster – but then the plot was exposed. The ultimate proof was given in a seconds-long segment showing IDF officer Lt. Col. Shalom Eisner striking a Danish 'cyclist' with his gun."

"At last. The most brutal army on earth was displayed for all to see."

Yemini notes that Eisner had been injured in the incident, which lasted one or two hours – and that the five-second clip was preceded by anarchists' provocations and violence. And yet, the legal analyst for the publicly-funded Israel Broadcasting Authority went on the air to say that the matter seems to be "exceedingly grave," and that Eisner should be put on criminal trial. "It is only a matter of time before the acclaimed jurist recommends a petition to the International Court in Hague alleging a crime against humanity, and the UN's Human Rights Council convenes a special session to put Richard Goldstone back to work."

"Dear readers – we have gone mad. We have simply gone mad."

Yemini notes that the "cyclists" are in facts anarchists, mostly European, who support Hamas and the Islamic Jihad. "They are part of the red-green alliance between Islamists and the radical Left." The International Solidarity Movement, to which the Danish anarchist belongs, openly supports terror against Israel.

"Israel is apparently the only country in the world that grants freedom of action to those who openly seek to destroy it, in the name of human rights, of course."

Despite Israel's long experience with the antics of "Pallywood," he writes, "the media tribunal went into action as a court against war crimes."

Lt. Col. Eisner with bandaged hand. Israel news photo: Flash 90

'We've Gone Mad,' Says Leading Pundit