How did "modern Hebrew"[IVRIT] started?



Het bijbels Hebreeuws is verschillend van het moderne Hebreeuws , vaak in grammaticale vorm

Maar elk kind dat in Israel geboren is kan zonder meer de bijbel [Tora,Tenach : zie beneden voor uitleg] lezen en begrijpen , op een enkle woord na misschien.

Degenen die religieus opgevoed worden lezen ook elke week de betreffende "Parasha" [bijbel-gedeelte] behorende bij die week zodat de hele Tora in een jaar gelezen wordt en dit wordt elk jaar herhaalt.

Ook als men niet speciaal religieus opgevoed wordt op elke school wel Tora in beperkte mate onder wezen.

[ Tora = 5 boeken van Mozes : Genesis [Bereshit], Exodus [Shemot ] etc

[ Tenach = 5 boeken + de rest van de bijbel [In Nederland bekend als Oude Testament..........niets ouds aan! maar wel duizenden jaren overgeleverd zonder een letter te veranderen!!]

Zie hieronder het boiende verhaal van het Moderne hebreeuws, hierbij beseffend dat hebreeuws NOOIT een dode taal geweest is, maar in alle generaties gelezen werd [en geschreven]

Naast de grote standaard werken over religieus leven [halacha, agada, midrashiem etc] wrd de taal uiteraard ook gebruikt voor religieuze poezie en ontelbare vragen en antwoorden over religieuze vraagstukken ][bekend als Responsa literatuur]



From: Yoel Ganor (Ulpan-Or) <>
Date: Tue, Dec 24, 2013 at 7:03 PM

Shalom from Orly & Yoel, 



Shalom Dear Harold jitschak,

Today, Kaf Alef of Tevet (Hebrew Date) - the Birthday of Eliezer Ben-Yehuda, is the day of the Hebrew language, as declared by the Israeli government.

Ben Yehuda

Eliezer Ben-Yehuda (1858-1922) was a pioneer in the revival of spoken Hebrew who made his ideology approachable to the common man through the popular media of his time, newspapers. At the same time he helped found the Language Committee and composed the largest and most comprehensive Hebrew dictionary of his era, which aimed to record the Hebrew vocabulary from all periods.


Ben Yehuda was considered a funny Jewish guy who simply used his brain to invent new words. He revived more than 300 Hebrew words in modern Hebrew by understanding that Israel is a melting pot of cultures and languages.


Among the many hundreds of words Ben-Yehuda is


credited with creating are:


"bubba" (doll)

"glida" (ice cream)

 "khavita" (omelet) 

"khaydak" (bacteria)




You can watch a short video clip about Ben Yehuda by clicking on the link or on his picture below:




In addition, you are welcome to listen to a very nice song by Yaron London about Ben Yehuda below:


The translation of the song follows:


Like the prophets, zealous about G-d (in Hebrew also name / noun) 

He was zealous about the verb,
the adjective, and the noun.

And at midnight, oil-lamp in his window,

He would write in his dictionary stacks

  and stacks of nice words, words

  which fly, which roll from the tongue.

Eliezer, when will you lie down to sleep

You're practically bent over.

And Hebrew, which has waited 2,000 years

Will still be waiting for you at dawn.


Eliezer Ben Yehuda,

An amusing Jew.

Words, words, words

He invented from his feverish brain.


If Hebrew has slept for 2,000 years, so what?

Come, let's wake it up, and invent "initiative" (yozma), clothes-iron (mag-hetz), bomb (p'tzatza),
furniture (rihut).

With feather tip, in fluid writing,

He wrote k'ruvit (cauliflower), he wrote g'lida (ice cream)
he wrote all of the Ben Yehuda Dictionary.

And he went on creating words,

And his fast quill didn't rest,

And the language grew

And didn't recognize itself in the morning.


  Eliezer Ben Yehuda ...


And when a son was born to him, he said:

This firstborn I will call Ben Yehuda, Itamar

Who from infancy to withering

From the day of his entering the covenant

  (brit-milah) until his death

Will have a covenant, with Hebrew

And will fight to wipe out foreign language.


Itamar - truly became a man,

Tall, handsome and well-spoken,

And the language he spoke was Hebrew.

Itamar Ben-Avi (In Hebrew an Acronym for Eliezer Ben Yehuda)

Whose father was a prophet,

A man after my own heart.


  Eliezer Ben Yehuda ...







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