Restless sleep............what can you do in the middle of the night?

Laila tov!

Restless sleep...........what can you try in the middle of the night?

Every now and then I am trying to send you a picture of a special acupuncture point which you may try out , if necessary.
Of course ac. points are often used in combinations but for our purpose I try to choose just one -simple to find- point.
Alas, sending you such an e-mail-as useful as it is sometimes for some patients- can take me 1/2 hour at least and that is not that easy.......
Today: point kidney 23 
Location: in the middle between the nipple and the chest bone[of course at both sides] [ I coloured the point blue for you and the chest is indicated with a yellow line]
See the picture-attachment.
This point maybe used for various indications but one of them is :
So ,if this happens to you, massage the point until you fall asleep and let me know your experience.