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Wat te doen tijdens een examen voor betere concentratie?

 Before examinations or special tasks.....sniff some etheric oil.
Student who used lavender etheric oil or rosmarin [rosemay] etheric oil during examinations felt more relaxed, less anxiety.
They experienced that lavender oil-which they found pleasant in general- could make them a bit to relaxed, even to the degree of being less able to concentrate and making them a bit "fuzzy".
Rosmarin increased their ability to concentrate and recall better the facts for the examination.[clearer heads]
In short: both oils had a relaxing effect.
They sniffed from a cotton wool -on which 3 drops of one of the oils had been dropped-as often as they needed.

Good luck with your next "trial"....

I wish to remind you that Shira [tel 050 7938421] sells a trustable brand of etheric oils [do
TERRA company]
Many oils on the market are not pure!

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