27-7-2012: Israel space program.... volunteers

For more information www.spaceil.com or  www.facebook.com/teamspaceil

Be a Partner in the Israeli Team’s Race for the Moon!


Team SpaceIL is a non-profit competing in the Google Lunar X-Prize Competition. SpaceIL’s mission is to land the first unmanned Israeli spacecraft on the moon in 2015, securing Israel’s place as the third country in the world to achieve this historic milestone, following the United States and Russia.

Today they need your help!

Team SpaceIL was invited to compete for a spot in the international TED event. Presenting there will allow the team to spread the word about the project, and also help in fulfilling their vision - inspiring kids to be scientists and engineers.

The team already presented in the finals in Amsterdam and now need your vote in order to win.  Help us reach the international TED convention, by pressing "recommend" that's just under the video in the following link.