When [ male ] sexual dysfunction is a problem.........erectile dysfunction as it is called in modern medicine

Aphrodisiac, Tribulus terrestris, penile erection index, sexual behavior, testosterone
All computer users know that -even with all the Spam filters in the world- the makers of Viagra  etc manage to get their "pop-up"through [they must have invested in the best computer-people.........]The problem of erectile dysfunction is now much more openly discussed than many years ago.In many cases anti hypertensive drugs [or others] are "guilty"as well as diabetes.Anyhow, the article below is about a certain herb [Tribulus ]-which is probably quite useful for erectile dysfunction in many cases .If there are serious cardio-vascular problems- which often causes sexual dysfunction-then other treatments may be necessary as well.From prescribing various Tribulus supplements I have found that one of them seems to be superior above the others:Tribulus [form Savesta]  Other brands often had no effect.For your convenience I send you a link but -if necessary -you can order wherever is convenient for you.About the use: discuss with your doctor [please, don't write me about this, will not be able to answer all of your your questions] In general one capsule per day can be used safely or only when needed.

Aphrodisiac, Tribulus terrestris, penile erection index, sexual behavior, testosterone

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J Pharmacol Pharmacother. 2012 Jan;3(1):43-7. doi: 10.4103/0976-500X.92512.

Evaluation of the aphrodisiac activity of Tribulus terrestris Linn. in sexually sluggish male albino rats.



To study the effect of acute and repeated dose administration of lyophilized aqueous extract of the dried fruits of Tribulus terrestris (LAET) on sexual function in sexually sluggish male albino rats.


Aphrodisiac activity of the test drug was evaluated in terms of exhibited sexual behavior. In order to assess the effect of chronic T. terrestris exposure on the hypothalamus--pituitary--gonadal axis, testosterone level estimation and sperm count were carried out. Twenty-eight-day oral toxicity studies were carried out to evaluate the long-term effects of the LAET administration on different body systems.


A dose-dependent improvement in sexual behavior was observed with the LAET treatment as characterized by an increase in mount frequency, intromission frequency, and penile erection index, as well as a decrease in mount latency, intromission latency, and ejaculatory latency. The enhancement of sexual behavior was more prominent on chronic administration of LAET. Chronic administration of LAET produced a significant increase in serum testosterone levels with no significant effect on the sperm count. No overt body system dysfunctions were observed in 28-day oral toxicity study.


Findings of the present study validate the traditional use of T. terrestris as a sexual enhancer in the management of sexual dysfunction in males.